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Frequently Asked

  • Are AcuClass courses approved by the NCCAOM?
    Yes. All AcuClass courses are approved by the NCCAOM.
  • How can I purchase an AcuClass course?
    Purchasing an AcuClass course is as simple as the following three steps: 1) Create an AcuClass account 2) Sign in 3) Select and pay for a course
  • What payment methods does AcuClass accept?
    AcuClass accepts payment via PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa.
  • How do I receive credit for a course?
    Once a course is purchased, ACUClass will email individuals the purchased course, course exam, and course completion certificate. Please note that you should retain a copy of each course completion certificate for your own records.
  • Does AcuClass submit certificates to State Boards?
    No. AcuClass does not submit certificates, on behalf of licensed acupuncturists, to State Boards.
  • Does AcuClass submit PDA points to the NCCAOM?
    Yes, AcuClass submits PDA points, on the behalf of acupuncturists, to the NCCAOM after the completion of each course quiz.


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