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NCCAOM approved courses for just $4.99 per CEU/PDA.



AcuClass online acupuncture continuing education courses are affordable, self-paced, convenient, and comprehensive. AcuClass provides practitioners with the acupuncture courses and acupuncture classes they require for NCCAOM certification and license renewal.


Once acupuncture courses and acupuncture classes are purchased, AcuClass will email individuals the NCCAOM approved course, course exam, and NCCAOM certificate upon course completion. AcuClass courses are designed to be self-paced - meaning, once a course is purchased, acupuncturists can initiate and complete courses whenever and wherever they want. AcuClass also honors professional autonomy, allowing individuals to make decisions and the freedom to act in accordance with their professional knowledge base and code of ethics. Additionally, AcuClass reports all completed CEUs/PDA points to the NCCAOM to make the entire online acupuncture continuing education process seamless and effortless for acupuncturists. 

Online Acupuncture Education Made Easy

Nikki, Tennesee

"AcuClass is great. The process of taking a course and quiz at my own pace was simple and very affordable. The course subject built my confidence working with veterans in my practice. I plan on taking more classes in the future."
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