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Online Acupuncture Continuing Education


NCCAOM approved courses for just $4.99 per CEU/PDA

 NCCAOM Course Spotlight

The Resource for NCCAOM Certified Continuing Education Courses

Welcome to AcuClass, the leading provider of acupuncture education and online acupuncture courses. AcuClass offers practitioners online acupuncture CEUs for NCCAOM certification and license renewal. AcuClass also offers practitioners the AcuClass Advantage, which allows practitioners to meet NCCAOM requirements through affordable, self-paced, convenient, and comprehensive acupuncture courses and acupuncture classes. With AcuClass, acupuncturists can fulfill NCCAOM requirements by completing NCCAOM approved online acupuncture courses, as well as gain the necessary knowledge to succeed in the modern healthcare climate. The AcuClass Advantage makes online acupuncture continuing education easy and hassle free.

 AcuClass is the leading provider of NCCAOM approved acupuncture courses and acupuncture classes.

The AcuClass Advantage

sets AcuClass apart from other acupuncture education providers.

Affordable, Self-paced, Convenient, and Comprehensive


AcuClass Is Affordable.

AcuClass offers NCCAOM approved online acupuncture continuing education courses and acupuncture classes for just $4.99 per CEU/PDA. AcuClass believes practitioners should have the best online acupuncture school education experience without the worries of affordability. There are no expensive online webinars or videos to watch, and there are no monthly or annual fees that go unused. Just simply select and complete AcuClass online acupuncture courses to fulfill NCCAOM requirements.


AcuClass Is Convenient.

AcuClass online acupuncture courses and online acupuncture classes can be accessed anywhere, at any time through any device allowing for complete professional freedom and convenience. AcuClass also reports all completed CEUs/PDA points to the NCCAOM to remove the burden for practitioners.


AcuClass Is Self-Paced.

AcuClass honors professional autonomy, which allows practitioners to purchase online acupuncture continuing education courses, and complete them when they want or simply when they have the time. AcuClass allows practitioners to be in complete control of their acupuncture education experience, and the freedom to act in accordance with their professional knowledge base and code of ethics.


AcuClass Is Comprehensive.

AcuClass offers a comprehensive selection of NCCAOM approved, on-line acupuncture courses and acupuncture classes that review the practical application of the skills and knowledge necessary to treat a diverse patient population. AcuClass designed acupuncture courses are easy to follow, understand, and can be used to obtain NCCAOM CEUs/PDA points for NCCAOM certification and license renewal.

Online Acupuncture Education Made Easy

Nikki, Tennesee

"AcuClass is great. The process of taking a course and quiz at my own pace was simple and very affordable. The course subject built my confidence working with veterans in my practice. I plan on taking more classes in the future."
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