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NCCAOM® Recertification Category

NCCAOM Board Approved #9207 – AOM AC


Course Description

Military veterans represent a large patient population that often requires treatment for a variety of different conditions. Understanding how to effectively treat military veterans, and/or specializing in the treatment of military veterans can help acupuncturists build their patient population. This course provides insight into the effective treatment of military veterans to build awareness among acupuncturists so they may work to build their patient population and optimize patient care.


Course Objectives

  • Explore concepts central to treating military veterans, while obtaining insight into the health conditions and health-related complications associated with military veterans.
  • Examine concepts related to the safe and effective administration of acupuncture to military veterans.  
  • Review military veteran treatment recommendations.

How to Effectively Treat Military Veterans - 4 NCCAOM PDA Units

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