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NCCAOM® Recertification Category

NCCAOM Board Approved #9207 – AOM-BIO


Course Description

Millions of Americans are prescribed naloxone, or have access to naloxone. Therefore, acupuncturists should be familiar with naloxone and naloxone administration, especially in an emergency situation that requires rapid response to save a patient’s life. With that in mind, this course reviews information central to understanding naloxone and naloxone administration. Acupuncturists may use the information found within this course to adequately respond to life-threatening emergencies that require naloxone administration.


Course Objectives

  • Obtain insight into naloxone. 
  • Review naloxone administration. 
  • Discover the recommended procedure for administering naloxone in an emergency.


Naloxone: What Acupuncturists Should Know - 2 NCCAOM PDA Units

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